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GDT: Montreal Canadiens vs Toronto Maple Leafs - Jan 13 2021 -

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ScotiaBank Arena Toronto, ONT Game  -  1/56 7pm       Joe 97 Thornton   –  Auston 34 Matthews  –  Mitchy 16 Marner Jimmy 26 Vesey  –  John 91 Tavares  –  Wil

Could be worse, noize could be here. hi nfk... how r u... me im gud. cud u teech me how u do the blurr afect on ur sigz. they r so gud... we should chat more u kno... luv u... ~ noizey ~ 

They should call it "How to spend to the cap and trade all your top draft spots and still come in last place Corner"

TSN: Habs trade Domi for a guy that scored 1 goal last year, a backup goalie and a depth D man .. give them the Cup now!
Also TSN: Leafs sign John Tavares.. did they overpay him? Is he past his prime? This doesn’t solve any of their problems!

I hope they kick their ass tonight. Pretty excited to see what the new faces, a healthy roster, and Keefe from the start can do.

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3 hours ago, Doc J said:


The leafs upgraded their defense substantially in the off-season. 

And after Ceci wasn't re-signed, they got some good players too.       


Har har har har 




And I don't mean just a little bit, I mean



T H E 

F U C K 

L E A F S !!

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Leafs only lose this game if it's stolen by the corrupt and illegal NHL, and if this happens, all Leafs fans, in fact, all hockey fans must assemble and march on the hockey hall of fame and show them we aren't weak, and we will be strong when corrupt organizations try to steal our wins. !!!!!

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1 hour ago, n0nsense said:

Imagine not being able to question line combinations because chief ball licker decides questioning it is “losing it”.  Morri is already in polish the nutsack of Dubas and  Keefe mode and the puck hasn’t even dropped.

The term i like to use is Helmet Buffer. But your term is pretty good too.

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