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1. Baiting, trolling, racism or bullying of members will not be tolerated.
2. Personal insults outside of the General Discussion section of the forum will be moderated as follows:

- the offending post(s) will be hidden
- any subsequent posts will be given warnings based on severity.
- Three warnings means a user will be banned from posting on the forum for 4 hours
- Subsequent warnings will lead to progressively longer bans , beginning at 12 hours and increasing in severity.
- A user can and will be permanently banned if they are a repeat offender and the severity calls for it.

NOTE: Admins and moderators have lives like the rest of you so please do not inundate us with private messages complaining about people breaking rules and things not being fair. There is a report feature. Use it!


A member panel of three non-staff members will be available to review bans.  Once your ban is reviewed, the decision is final and not up for debate. Any posts debating bans already reviewed will result in hidden posts and subsequent warnings if necessary. 

Act as adults, use the forum the way it was intended to be used and treat each other with mutual respect and you will be welcome to post and participate here. Our goal is to make the forum as inclusive and comfortable for all, so please use the forum with that end goal in mind. 



  Yes it should have been posted sooner.  We've had it for awhile now and just realized it hadn't posted.  Don't want to muddy this thread up with discussion, complaints, accusations, etc. so I will pin a thread in General Discussion for any discussion.

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