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Football (Soccer) Discussion Thread

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England are 33/1 to win the World Cup.   For those who don't understand betting, this means if you bet £20 you will lose £20.

Sure, some veterans in the locker room might help, but I'm not sure you need a relic.     Probably still faster than Mertesacker though.

Fucking bullshit. Tie every game and make it through?? And this is why this Euro has been fucking garbage.

I don't think it's been that bad. There's been some great moments. Wales going through, Iceland setting up a tie with england with the last kick of the game. Iceland beating England. 

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Ha ha. Bye Belgium, go suck cocks!

Unfortunately everyone is suspended for Wales now.. So Portugal will have an easy tie game again, to then win on penalties...

Best game of the tournament is tomorrow: Italy - Germany.

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Ronaldo vs Bale should be interesting.


God the refereeing in the game today was strange.


The referee was handing out yellows for nothing,


Got himself in trouble with that in the first half. Didn't think it was necessary to card Ramsey either.

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Germans. Come on the Germans.

The Italian's are a unit, a very solid collection. But they don't play football. At least, not attacking, entertaining football - it just wins. Germany have to score first or this could be over tonight though, so hopefully an early Germany goal makes it into a game.

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