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Starting on Monday, Raw is on Sportsnet 360!   Felt more fitting posting this in here since stanley cup thread people would prob bash it more:  

WWE's tribute vid to Paul Bearer

WWE is up there with CBC as far as quality of the production of video packages:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMbou5hFETs

Think it's obvious that it wouldn't feel right if I'm not the one to start this thread(though to be fair,nobody else would lol)



If you didn't hear...UNDERTAKER RETURNED! it was at a house show but still....

I'm feeling quite optimistic that he'll be at Wrestlemania now, WWE wouldn't have posted the video themselves if he was still a question mark. I'll be surprised if he's not on RAW tonight.

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Paul Bearer(manager of guys like Undertaker,Kane,Mankind) died!


He wasn't even 60 yet. Can't believe that. One of best/most memorable managers in WWE history.


Was hoping he'd be in WWE HOF with Taker,Kane all going in at same time, would have been cool sight to see.


Seems like every year there's some huge death in the world of wrestling.

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There were never any ashes in there. The urn was like a mind control thing lol(back in day when wrestling actually cared about fantasy stuff and stories).


Bearer was like Kane/Undertakers stepfather(story wise) since their parents died, now he's gone too. Wonder if Kane/Taker will have some sort of tribute on Raw for it.

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Man I'm not saying this WM is going to suck.... but holy fuck you could see every single one of these matches coming from a mile away. 


As soon as Cena made his declaration to win the title, you knew it would be Cena vs Rock.


Once HHH came into the ring and cut his "I don't know if I can do it anymore" promo, you knew he was going to end up facing Brock at mania.


People have been speculating for months that Punk would end up taking on Taker because he'd be the only guy with a big enough star power to face him.


And Del Rio vs Swagger?  Weed the people?  Who the F cares.  Won't even take an interest in that match unless Ziggler cashes in.  I can't believe how much the WWE has buried the WHC.  It's almost literally become a mid-card title.


It won't have any prestige until they put it around the waist of a guy like Cena or Punk again.


Anyways, lots of rematches.  NAO competing again next week, I'm hoping that leads to a Mania match for them.  Punk vs Taker should be good, HHH and Lesnar might be okay... their Summerslam match wasn't anything too special.  Zero interest in seeing Rock vs Cena again when it seems pretty obvious Cena will win.


WWE has yet to provide me with a reason to buy the PPV, that's for sure.  Two of the biggest draws are rematches, stuff I've already seen.

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Sorta surprised they'd release video on youtube before airing it on TV, guess they want people to click on it now since after it airs on raw, people won't be as tempted to see it on youtube since they've seen it already.


Big question for tomorrow though....does CM Punk interrupt Bearer tribute stuff if Undertaker does it? Just a few months ago they went abit overboard with mocking the real life heart attack Lawler had, wouldn't be surprised if they had CM Punk come out and interrupt something like that.

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lol, turns out they did. But it didn't seem disrespectful at all. They handled the whole thing great. Tributes had more than enough time to happen, and also got in the villainous stuff with Punk interrupting and by end of Raw, stealing the urn.







And yes, Brock Lesnar destroyed the New Age Outlaws


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lol, line of the night by Paul Heyman:


"Triple H vs Brock Lesnar and the winner gets Stephanie!..........It's funny....Wouldn't it be more fitting if the LOSER got Stephanie?"



But seriously though, I think that this WM is so predictable, that it could be unpredictable. Cause if people bet on this(which surprisingly, they actually can lol), 99.9% would bet on Cena,HHH,Taker to all win. So if HHHs career is over(by losing to Lesnar), or Rock retains his title, or streak ends, it could end up being a bigger shock than it was supposed to be.


Posting this here,cause more change ppl will like this video here compared to NBA thread




Better one:


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On the contrary, I feel like it's pretty obvious Lesnar will beat HHH. HHH has been transitioning into the executive role lately while Lesnar was just signed for 2 more years, it makes no sense to have Lesnar lose this match considering he already lost to Cena in his first match back.

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But HHH winning makes it 1-1 meaning HHH-Lesnar 3 WILL happen(just like Cena winning at WM will lead to Cena-Rock 3)


And I don't see HHH never competing again regardless if he "retires". In the future(like 5-10 years from now) I see him doing what Mr.McMahon does, where we'd have "the boss vs the superstar" type of feuds/matches. Look at how interesting those were with Mr.McMahon and he couldn't even wrestle that much, imagine having matches like that with a guy like HHH involved in the boss role of those feuds.



I just hope the match is good. Cause WWE decides to have black and white HDTV whenever someone bleeds(because it's "not pg".....even though blood on PG television is allowed). Would suck if their no dq match is just like 1-2 chair shots, a sledgehammer and that's it. It should be all out street fight around the building.

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If people haven't seen it yet, you really should watch the promo between Rock-Cena on Raw(it was Q&A segment where ppl asking questions were: Dusty Rhodes, Booker T, Mick Foley and Bret Hart(first time ever since he was called The Rock, that he's in ring with Bret!), prob best promo between the 2 they've ever had, and one of best Cena promos ever.



(I'll post link to it once someone posts it on youtube)

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