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  1. I had already gave my concession speech. Just telling someone in a text that this whole thing felt forced and I wasn’t really crushed. Then they score 3 times and suddenly I don’t want them to lose and be out of this yet. Meaning they’ve found a way to set me up for the actual crush. Yay?!?!?? What a comeback. Go Leafs Go!
  2. Anybody up for scheduling a loss to a zamboni driver in October in 2020-21?
  3. Perspective is a funny thing, ain't it?
  4. Remember when so many were ready to move on from Nylander?
  5. This is the first time in the history of this franchise they’ve collected 100 points in back to back seasons. Let’s not forget that. Work to be done. The situation is far from dire... It’s tweaks, not overhauls
  6. The way we looked down the stretch..if you told me we’d have a game 7.. I’d have taken it in a heartbeat. All in for Tuesday. No doom. No gloom. Not yet.
  7. Went on radio silence as I couldn't watch live (you guys up there probably don't realize that if you don't seek the NHL, it doesn''t exist in most areas down here, so its not difficult to not see anything)...just got done watching at 1:10 AM. Everybody else in bed so I'm jumping around the living room doing the silent scream! You realize how stupid it is to talk to the TV, yell at refs, etc when you're watching a game that ended three hours earlier..😀 One more, boys. Can't wait for Sunday afternoon.
  8. I think we have to get by Boston for that to happen. I think people THINK we can win...they don't yet BELIEVE we can win.
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