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  1. Have we got below market value on a single player yet? Not including vets or reclamation projects.
  2. You've got it mixed up. Bogosian is the 6th/7th defenseman. The defense has improved significantly by removing Ceci and Barrie alone. Brodie will be the new whipping boy soon enough. He's a more defensive Jake Gardiner type whipping boy.
  3. You would think our D is better this year but we'll still see. Bogosian (in Buffalo) and Brodie have massive brain fart moments so I don't really like it like it. But I'll be fine giving this d core a chance. One thing you cant say is Dubas doesnt make changes and try to adapt. We're injecting some grit into our lineup. If we get Weeger somehow we have a legitimately solid d core.
  4. Bogosian was surprisingly very good for Tampa in the bubble this year. I was really impressed by him throughout these playoffs. Hope it comes it at like a mill or less and we got a great depth d.
  5. A cap dump. Johnson turned out to be a cap dump. To be honest, we can't really complain as Tyler Johnson ended up clearing waivers.
  6. We signed Brodie. Well, you have to have one whipping boy on each team. He's inconsistent. At 4x5 I'm not too mad. He's a legit top 4 d. Let's see how this experiment turns out.
  7. Is our cap situation really this dire? We can't sign a player at 1.5 mill for 1 year without flipping out? Give me one contract you think we couldn't get rid of on our team right now? One player we would have to pay someone to take? Montreal just signed Anderson to a 7 year deal at 5.5 mill. Ottawa just signed Murray to a 6 year deal at 6.25. Those are bad contracts that become a problem. Marner is our only player that you can say is overpaid, and it's by 2-3 million at most. What is the difference between having that overpayment on our top line guy, or a 3rd/4th liner?
  8. Worst case scenario Simmonds gets bumped out of the lineup by a younger guy. Not too mad about it.
  9. There are so many depth players available right now, you'd be stupid to get in a bidding war with any one of them. The internal cap on some teams is going to be a big factor.
  10. With rumors Savard and Weeger are available I think we go in all in after them. Weeger especially. We need a solid D to play top pairing with Rielly. That's him. If we get Savard and Weeger we can use either one with Muzzin or Rielly. We would solve our whole RHD problem. We'd have to get rid of two of Johnson, Kerfoot and Holl/Dermott to fit them but I think it's worth it. I hope we can score one at least.
  11. Gudas has to come in under 3 mill. Do we continue the Muzzin - Holl pairing that had some success? If not does Holl suddenly become to expensive for the third pairing too. Rielly - _____ Muzzin - Holl Dermott - Gudas We're still left with a hole next to Rielly and no room for Sandin or Lethonen. Maybe we aim a little higher than Gudas and get a player like Hamonic? Maybe we trade Dermott or Holl? Rielly - Hamonic Muzzin - Lethonen Sandin - Holl/Dermott
  12. If we sign Brodie, it's another wasted season. Brodie is more of what we don't need.
  13. Yeah, just not at the beginning of the draft. Listen to your scouts. There's definitely tiers to players. If you're reaching down a tier in the first round to pick a defenseman because you need one, it's not the right move. That's all BPA is to me. Don't skip out on a player because of positional needs.
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