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  1. 2-1... you fuckers aren't fooling me tonight... I'm calling 7-2 Ottawa!
  2. Robertson just took a big hit to try and get the puck out of the zone... don't worry, his new team mates will soon show him the Leafs way of doing things.
  3. canadaguy

    NFL Thread

    Aaron Rodgers, in the end zone with defensive linemen all around him, sidesteps the pass rush and throws a 30 yard dart on the money. Jared Goff, in the middle of the field, holds onto the ball and watches two defensive linemen beat their blocks about 7 yards in front of him. Makes no attempt to move out of the way or throw the ball away. Just stands in one place and takes the sack.
  4. I'm currently watching my Rams embarrass themselves against the Packers. The good news is that in an hour and a half, I can switch it over to the Leafs embarrassing themselves against the Senators.
  5. These fuckers actually duped me into believing that they were going to run away with the game in the second period... a few shifts of sustained pressure in Ottawa’s end and then the 2-1 goal. I thought it would be smooth sailing after that!
  6. I really don't understand what it is with our defence year after fucking year.... we change players, we change coaches.... same shit! I really feel like we could hop in the ol' Delorean, bring back Orr, Robinson, Potvin, Pronger, Lidstrom and Bourque in their prime with Burns as coach and our D would still be shit.
  7. Draisaitl and McDavid are each going to get a hat trick the first time they play the Leafs.
  8. Dickerson was either just leaving or had just left the Rams when I started watching. Their big players that I remember from my early days were Jim Everett, Henry Ellard and Kevin Greene. Bengals had some pretty good players at the time too... Boomer, Ickey Woods, James Brooks and Chris Collinsworth, who was a much better receiver than he is an announcer!
  9. Ha ha... no, my brother’s the Dolphins fan... I cheer for the mighty Bengals and Rams! My dad goes for the Browns... kind of a loser family, really!
  10. I was just making fun of Burke for shitting on Nylander when Nylander did exactly what he’s paid to do. I was comparing it to how silly somebody whining about Marino for not doing “other things” besides throwing touchdowns would be. You’d already made it clear that you disagreed with Burke’s comments, so it wasn’t directed at you. It was directed at Burke.
  11. Team game... Ray Bourque never would have won a Stanley Cup if he hadn't been traded to the Avs right at the end of his career. Nylander doesn't always play his role as well as we might like, but it's pretty hard to criticize him after a three point night. Not saying that you disagree with this, just piling on the greasy haired old man!
  12. Fucking Dan Marino.... all the guy ever did was throw touchdowns.... how many rushing yards did he have? Career tackles? Ever see the guy throw a block or return a punt? What a bum!!!!
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