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  1. Maybe Shanny can still lace em up and get out there!
  2. Was he gone first? Didn’t see any posts about it here.
  3. Schmidt to the Canucks for a 3rd.
  4. Jesus... Lakers defence has been good tonight, but the Heat are missing everything as well.
  5. canadaguy

    NFL Thread

    I like Alex Smith. Seems like a good guy and that was a horrible injury. Tough way to make your return as well. No preseason, a below average team and going in against one of the best pass rushers in the game.
  6. canadaguy

    NFL Thread

    Alex Smith played his first NFL action in nearly two years... with a crappy offensive line... in the pouring rain... against Aaron Donald. Poor bastard.
  7. To be fair, a “more defensive” Jake Gardiner certainly could still be pretty bad defensively!
  8. Gonna be good... zucchini-potato pancakes, roasted cauliflower and butternut squash, braised red cabbage, grilled asparagus, grilled jalapeno, garlic and lime marinated tofu, turkey with corn and cheddar stuffing... parents bringing salad and mashed taters, brother’s family bringing salad and pie... all outdoors aroond the fire pit!
  9. Ha ha... sorry... only looked at the post above mine... making Thanksgiving dinner and a bit preoccupied. Also on my 4th beer! Also, hasn't been posted on TSN website yet.
  10. Where did Koivu go? I haven't seen anything yet.
  11. And I bet Brocto also approves of interracial marriage... oh, the fucking horror!
  12. FWIW, a Flames fan I work with is absolutely pissed that the Flames didn’t re-sign him.
  13. Florida wins the Carter Verhaege sweepstakes!
  14. Don't think there's much money available on this team to be adding a player like Turris. Someone will offer more than what the Leafs can allot to a 3rd line forward. Duclair is another interesting addition to the UFA pool, but for someone other than the Leafs.
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