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  1. Actually, Jumbo had a really good game last night. Can he keep it up? Who knows? But there's no hurry to move him down as long as he's playing well.
  2. We have no inside information, but it seems like a dumb move on the surface.
  3. Jumbo looked good tonight, and not just because he scored. He was helping the line all night. And Simmonds played a big part in Matthew's goal.
  4. The Leafs' shots are easy saves for Murray. The Sens have had as many good scoring opportunities as the Leafs, regardless of the fact they've had half as many shots.
  5. So far, the Sens are keeping up with the Leafs, stride for stride. The score is where it should be.
  6. Freddie is the same Freddie he's always been. There's no reason why a team should have to put up with a cold goalie at the beginning of every season. Shoot him into space.
  7. Andersen is a top 10 goalie in the NHL. That's what I've been told.
  8. The game went pretty well the way I expected last night. The only surprise for me was the fact that Price let in 5 goals. Andersen starting the season in typical Andersen style.
  9. Only 56 games. Whatever adjustments are to be made, need to be made QUICKLY! I, too am excited with the season opener. I miss not seeing fans in the stands, though.
  10. In the televised scrimmage last week, Jumbo looked awkward, slow, and ineffective on the top line. Simmonds also looked awkward and slow. Spezza is the only grandpa who skates like a younger man. I hope the other two can up their game in the next little while.
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