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  1. Mikheyev Matthews Marner Hyman Tavares Nylander Robertson Thornton Barbanov Kerfoot Spezza Simmonds Rielly Brodie Muzzin Bogosian Lehtonen Holl Dermott Andersen Campbell
  2. I don't disagree with everything here. Being penalized for fighting is still 5 min. in the box. Yeah there's no staged fighting anymore, but emotion still exists. People are still talking about Spezza's scrap in the play-in series.
  3. I don't hate skill. I'm just having fun. Soft, skilled players can go either way. They can push themselves to be more determined or they have their legacy be like Alexander Semin.
  4. LoL Spoken like a veteran of fantasy hockey. There are so many great examples of drafting grit and acquiring skill. It's the way it should be. Sadly some leaf fans aren't old enough to remember this happening with success. All they have to go on is Nick Ritchie and Tyler Biggs discussion forums. I hate skill.
  5. As long as we are not 1 injury away from Marincin and Holl playing bigger minutes For now Brodie, Bogosian, and Holl make an ok right side. If we need an upgrade from Holl then I would hope Dubas trades for a RHD at the deadline. If any of you have seen Marincin play for the Marlies you would say that he is pretty solid. He's just not good in the NHL unless he's 8 or 9 min on the bottom pair. He's just a career #7 D. As for Holl he's a 5/6 D, but just not a top 4 D. Not yet anyway.
  6. You seem to think that I'm the only leaf fan who ever appreciated Ron Hainsey. You're dead wrong. Leaf fans are diverse and not just gamers and fantasy hockey types. That still doesn't answer your bigger issue: your obsession with StepOnYou.
  7. It seems like there's too many players now that qualify as bottom 6. Are a couple of players moving out?
  8. Why do like to think about me? I don't think about you at all. Other then posting about the Maple Leafs you love to type my username. Why?
  9. Yes. Accept that there is a salary cap in the NHL. Toronto is looking at about 10 deep in their D-depth. I think that's great, but KD might want about 8, and with a bit of flexibility to adjust his team at the trade deadline.
  10. I think the Leafs are dealing with their defensive log jam. I heard yesterday that Holl has a limited NMC. What the heck? It seems to me that Dermott could possibly get traded after his contract gets sorted out. Perhaps Holl is traded? I heard an interesting stat about Bogosian: He played 19 min. of the elimination/cup winning game against Dallas, which means that (if still capable) could play the 5/6 role. Possibly in the top 4.
  11. I don’t understand half of these references, but it seems to me that many people here are trying to win at the internet. It's just a hockey discussion forum. Perhaps some of us want our preferences to prevail, and they have. A lot of people here are scrambling because this offseason Dubas has changed his tune. No longer are we going to see light stick checking and perimeter possession stat padding. Be cool everyone. Change is good.
  12. I like some of these moves. I don't think Kyle is done. I do think that there might be one more top 4 D RHD to get. He can possibly do that towards the trade deadline or if the opportunity is there he'll pull the trigger. I still think the LHD log jam is a bit of an issue. He either will move on from Dermott or he'll use Sandin in a trade. I get the feeling that Liljegrin may never get an opportunity with TOR. Rielly Brodie Muzzin ______ Lehtonen Holl Sandin Bogosian I think that Bogosian will be used like Tampa used him: number 6/7. I really like Holl, bu
  13. I love how 1 or 2 users follow me from thread to thread ripping me and trying elicit an overreaction. Then I overreact, and they cry out "he overreacted! He overreacted! Oh the humanity!"
  14. I think Gardiner is a poor comparison. Brodie is very good at shot suppression and not giving the puck away. Gardiner used to fall asleep on the PP when the puck was turned over.
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