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  1. The Jets are the most disappointing. For the most part I don't like any of them. There's a couple, but I'd prefer real retros.
  2. He's played one game that I would expect to win. Two that were absolute shit. Three where I feel you'd be lucky to win with less than average goaltending. I didn't remove anything, I just looked at good game log and saw that the last game of his playoff seasons are shit outside of one game. He's not been anywhere near good enough when it matters most.
  3. In his last game of the playoffs in his career. .905, .900, .829, .944, .900, .808 (s and heartbreak), .957 (in relief, his last start that season he was pulled). That looks like one real chance for your team to win, a great relief appearance, two atrocious games and three average at very best (I struggle to call .900 average for a good NHL starter.) It's not great.
  4. It's not, but whatever. No one here is changing their mind ever or admitting that maybe they were wrong. Andersen has been pretty bad in potential elimination games and is prone to the back breaking softie. Could we do worse? Yup, most definitely. Has he helped us in series clinching games? Hard no. Real hard no.
  5. Freddie is pretty terrible when it matters most. It's hard to look past that when we can't seem to win when it matters most.
  6. Ya, the worst part is that his creativity is the biggest thing we're lacking for the front three. I'm not sure how he goes from every game before the break to not a minute after. Unlike Emery, who was a total disaster, I'm more willing to let Arteta did what he does (plus he's getting results that look like progress), but it seems like its political. I don't care though, let's get the kids going and get them time.
  7. I see the upgrade didn't fix double posts.
  8. Arteta is brilliant. I don't feel bad for us over Ozil though, we signed that shit. Not his fault, though I do wish he'd accept a deal. I also feel like we're too cheap to subsidize his salary.
  9. Concur... but Freddie's winning us as much as any of those did. But ya, who are we getting for 5 million? Someone like Freddie. Maybe someone worse overall (likely not in elimination games, though.)
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