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  1. How bout we watch them play first, before already assuming we'll get there.
  2. Lol. Surprised he went over 2m himself, regardless of the ‘player goes high’.. 1.5 and under is perfect!
  3. Because they didn’t get enough hugs from their parents, potentially dads.
  4. Jumbo signed 1 year.. yeah, very quiet eh @JockDent. It's almost as if it's like fake, you always hear people are right at least like 1 out of 10 times, but you, holy. you're the exception and are wrong 10 out of 10 times.
  5. ehh, they're actually busy working out what steps to take, there's so many rumours out that the season will be shortened, with Canadian teams being in one division and playing each other up to 8 times, like MLB. Since Canada will not allow players to travel to Canada to play hockey games.
  6. Oh I’m referring to the ‘rumour’ that he forced a rookie to snort cocaine with him in the bathroom.
  7. He would have probably played for the first team if he wasn’t such a douchebag off the ice
  8. Yeah, that would have been a steal. Doubt he’s going to play much, if at all.
  9. Exactly, it would have ended 2-3 posts earlier, but got dragged on... time to get this back on track. so far Dubas is doing his pretty good. Can’t wait for the next valuable addition to the team!
  10. brocto

    2020 offseason.

    Boston and WPG frontrunners on Weegar, fuck. But now apparently Florida might have the cap space to sign Weegar, so who knows...
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