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  1. Seems like there is an MOU that does give them ‘some’ wiggle room..
  2. Seems like he’s going to be out for a long time.. MRI tomorrow... edit - already posted @Raidenif not for Murray, Leafs would have scored 13 goals in the second period. But yeah, like @AoRsaid; they tried to best to give it away still at the end.....
  3. So Leafs-like. Instead of winning with double numbers, they do this.
  4. This guy... maybe let him sit for like 30-40 games after tonight, he needs a break.
  5. Hey dimwit. Where did I say ottawa is as bad as last year? Read the fucking post before you open your mouth.
  6. lol, they were absoulte trash last night - but to assume or even think that the Leafs aren't the better team, the much better team, only shows that your hockey sense is absolutely zero. This game could have, and should have, been 9/10-1 leafs, at least.
  7. Gotta surprise Murray with the shots, all shots are muffin shots - plus he’s already in the lane of the shot before the puck is shot even..
  8. Marner’s playing his best game since that game against Boston. Hopefully He can keep it up!
  9. Oh he shoots instead of making a fancy dumbass play. Kept it simple for once and they score. Amazinf
  10. Who is our defensive coach? Is it the same guy that was coaching the Flyers defense, back in 2018? When their defense was also hot garbage? Morri?
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