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  1. Barcelona smacked about by Bayern last night. Probably the final nail in the coffin of one of the greatest teams I have ever seen. Radical changes coming. ¿Donde esta Señor Pochettino?
  2. How you enjoying Kieran Tierney so far? I have been hearing he is getting good reviews. Celtic set to sign Albian Ajeti from West Ham for 5 million today. Genuinely excited with the ambition of this signing. Another good forward to play with Edouard should be a massive help to us. Also apparently holding talks with Shane Duffy, but doubt he comes as someone in England will be able to pay higher wages.
  3. Thanks mate! Been struggling to stay awake for games lately so I figured I would swing by here and talk with you guys throughout.
  4. Chuffed we got the Bruins. Going to be a tough series but I so badly want revenge for 2013. Anyone seen any good hype videos kicking about?
  5. Champions League Draw tonight! Chuffed that Celtic are back in for the second year running. Looking at the Pots my dream draw would be: Real Madrid Borussia Dortmund Anderlecht Celtic Pot 3 has a tonne of great teams in it. I would want world class opponents from Pot 1 & 2 and someone from Pot 3 that I think we could beat. Knowing our luck though we will draw Barcelona again haha In other news, I was at the opening game of the La Liga season last week in Valencia (Valencia CF vs Las Palmas). Not the best of games (1-0 Valencia) but the Mestalla is by far one of the mos
  6. I think we will have him for the rest of this season and then he will be gone. Unfortunately we won't get anywhere near what he is really worth due to the fact that he plays in Scotland. The guy is unbelievable though. Been dominant so far. Feel blessed to have young players like him and Kieran Tierney at the moment.
  7. Was in Glasgow for the Celtic - Man City game last night. I missed the feeling of a stadium literally shaking. Can't beat European nights at Celtic Park.
  8. Got offered a ticket for Dortmund - Mainz tomorrow. Only 12 Euros. Bargain. With a bit of luck I will also be at Celtic vs Manchester City in Glasgow and also Celtic - BMG in Gladbach
  9. That was a great night the other night. Hopefully goes down as anothe famous European night in Glasgow if we go through next week. Liking the team under Brendan Rodgers so far.
  10. @@David what's Dorus De Vries like? Apparently close to joining Celtic.
  11. Going to the SuperCup on Sunday in Dortmund. Interested to see what sort of reaction Hummels/Götze get.
  12. Celtic vs Barcelona friendly tonight. I'm mostly excited as it is televised in Germany meaning I can go to the pub. Wednesday will be a long day at work before we play Astana in the Champions League qualifiers. They are a not bad side.
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