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  1. “My expectations were of a cautious nature”. Lol. I nearly peed my pants.
  2. We have a habit of making opposing goal tenders unbeatable.
  3. Oilers are taking it on the chin 4-0 from Montreal. Very annoying.
  4. Now that useless turd Matthews has to get his shit together. Lol
  5. We get Montreal and Edmonton on the west coast tonight. Two teams I don’t give a rats ass about.....yay
  6. Chara got $750,000 on a one year contract. He’s 43 years old but I can’t help but think, that’s pretty good value for that kind of money. He’s elderly and he’s slow but he still has a great intimidation factor and I think Washington made a good move to pick this guy up for a short season. Happy new year everyone.
  7. So an all Canadian division looks like it might work. A 60 game season and a January 1st start with the Stanley Cup awarded in July sometime. I wonder if it will be 30 back to back games? The league and players still trying to work it out. I wonder if the pandemic has killed the CFL? They always seemed to be operating on a shoestring and losing the season has to be a kick in the teeth.
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