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  1. They gave us the frankenstein of our worst logos... Also I get that Vegas tried to pretend to have history, but yikes. Lol at wings because they've had one look forever forcing them to issue a blank template. just issue their heritage classic again but in red. Then you're good. Hot take... the 90s throwback ducks and yotes are garbage. @ me hypebeasts. I like the coyote logo, and the old mighty duck but woof on the rest The jets also had one job to do and they blew the colour scheme. You're on the brink Vancouver...
  2. What our worst Jersey template and logo together at last? Should be great!
  3. Ya...this board suffered majorly from we haven't heard of him so we don't like him syndrome on Brodie. Haha. Dude is solid. Also I like the Simmonds signing too. Sure not so much on the dollars, but screw it. It's a year. Bring on the Kerfoot and Johnsson trade dumps.
  4. It's a classic big deal for what? I mean they have young forwards but who's really a game breaker? And still could use a defence. Sure they can rest price more but he's still not playing less that'll say 55 games. Plus you can always count on Bergy to make some kinda dumb move. Like signing signs Alzner because no one else likes them.
  5. It could be worse. Montreal just paid 4+ mil for a back up
  6. Oh yes. He's been mishandled for 2 years now. Just saying. It'd be nice to have the funds. He's Arsenal's Kessel cap hit.
  7. This is assuredly not the year. Not until they sign a back bone defensive guy and they get Ozil to disappear in an unfortunate loofah accident in a Turkish bath house. Actually playing like they're interested in the top 4 at all is a nice change though. Liverpool should have walked us today in most universes and Arteta inspires more hope that we haven't seen since before Wenger stopped signing people.
  8. Auba never stops. Also beating a basically full powered liverpool with a team in progress makes me that typically early optimistic type of Gooner.
  9. I just noticed it was Hallander we got. Oh noice. He could be a a decent middle 6 guy too. Maybe someone to bump Kerfoot to the wing down the line.
  10. I like it. Kappy is a 3rd liner for us. We can replace him. We get more cap breathing room, a pick that is bare min easier to trade, but could also get a good prospect. So options there
  11. My one request is that we get to see Slick Mitchy's dad react to the news of him being traded.
  12. No. Its the equivalent saying some things need to go crazy good for us to improve noticeably. Some might even call it a slight pessimism for anything more than baby steps and some forced low risk creativity. 1. I'd argue I was pulling more for the idea of that type of player than the man himself. I.e a no cap space, we'll waive him if he's crap kinda move. No one expects his vintage self. 2. Keefe still gets the benefit of the doubt that he was playing him out of necessity I guess. Give it another camp before you give into Babcockian favouritism narrative.... if they even bother
  13. TLDR this thread. The Season was disjointed. grain of salt with pandemics etc, but they needed to rise to an occaision and didn't when it counted. Wash repeat... I've ripped off the bandage. I'm over it. Main takeaways The Big 4. Fun concept, but it's beyond sustainable now. trade Nylander for top 6 grit or defence. He didn't do anything wrong, he's just the most tradeable of the bunch and we have enough decent wingers. Hockey trade this Get grit in general. Another guy so we don't desperately miss Muzzin everytime he's hurt for a critical stretch would be nice. A timel
  14. Rough.... Also, AubameBLOODCLOTyang. Please don't leave us!
  15. I guess it is better than the Vegas Niche Websites.
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