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  1. I like Thornton in 97, I remember him wearing it for Canada. Surprised Bogo didn't take something with a 4 in it
  2. Hyman - Matthews - NylanderMikheyev - Tavares - MarnerKerfoot - Thornton - RobertsonEngvall - Spezza - Barbanov extras: Vesey, Simmonds, Anderson I look at this forward group and I'm just not impressed. The skill is there, thats for sure. Maybe try AM or JT on Thornton's wing. But no matter how you set the lineup (Really anyone outside of Matthews/Tavares/Nylander/Marner/Hyman is interchangeable) there aren't any real shut down lines and no real PKers (I guess Kerfoot-Engvall could be a unit, but they shouldn't be your go to guys for that). Who shuts down the opposing team's top line
  3. Gross. If we think Marner is one dimensional, wait till we see Laine at $9m. When he's not scoring goals (which is often) he's the definition of useless. Plus the locker room drama he's caused in Winnipeg. I wouldn't take him for free at the cap hit he'll get
  4. Ideally you want Kerfoot on 3W with your defensivly responsible 3C. The bottom 6 was fine when it was just Spezza as the slow old guy, but now with 3/6 being old and slow? Yikes.
  5. Lol. That'd be 5 centers in the lineup and none of them really PK. What a team
  6. lol the Marlies signed Scott Sabourin (the guy who Matthews doesn't know)
  7. Dell kinda sucks, let's hope the season doesn't come to a point where he's playing. Also hard pass on Thornton. Given the makeup of the top 6, this bottom 6 needs at least a few guys who can play on the PK.
  8. Duffman

    2020 offseason.

    Fuck thats a bargain when you look at what UFAs usually get. I was he coulda been a Leaf smh
  9. Duffman

    2020 offseason.

    Toffoli on the Habs makes me sad. Also they've got quite the logjam at RW now. Gallagher, Toffoli, Armia, Anderson. And I'm not sure any of them have really played much LW.
  10. Didn't he lose his job to Bogosian and Schenn in Tampa?
  11. Duffman

    NFL Thread

    Yikes that injury to Dak was brutal, hate to see it, seems like a great guy. That said I am interested to see how Dalton does. Dak misses on a lot of easy completions for what most people call an elite QB.
  12. Duffman

    2020 offseason.

    Apparently now its not Schmidt to Florida (Pagnotta). Not sure where but he's getting traded. I wonder if a trade to Philly makes sense. They need D with Niskanen gone. Maybe something around Nolan Patrick, who McCrimmon loves from the Brandon days
  13. Duffman

    2020 offseason.

    He'll put up points with Eichel thats for sure, and probably get a trade at the TDL. Honestly not the worst idea for him
  14. Duffman

    2020 offseason.

    Edmonton to New Jersey to Phoenix to Buffalo. What a career lmao
  15. I was talking to my buddy who's a Jets fan. We both seemed to think something around Roslovic for Holl could be a decent trade.
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