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  1. They have to play again tomorrow night,might as well let him rest tonight. It's already game over
  2. He can't get a contract from any other team. He has a contract with the Leafs. He's most likely on the taxi squad.
  3. Yeah, Justin Pogge can tell you that But he's big, strong and sound. Looks really good
  4. Watching the World Juniors I'm really sad we didn't draft Schneider
  5. NHL can argue its not safe to have NHL games. No judge in their right mind would rule against them during a global pandemic. Government all over North America are saying to stay home, pandemic numbers are rising everyday. NHL would have no issue canceling the season until further notice.
  6. Its wild how he's now in a position to have to earn a spot on the top 6. No given this year with the defense Leafs have.
  7. Not really disingenuous. He's a GM who stands up for his players in front of the media. Everyone was saying Ceci was garbage, Dubas has to say something good about the player to show his players he's got their back. Its one of his actual good qualities as a GM.
  8. I dont think anyone is complaining Marner didn't take a hometown discount. I don't think anyone thinks he's a shit player. Problem is he thinks he's a lot better than he is, and demanded a lot more than he deserves. If he was getting 8 or 9 million i doubt he takes half the heat. Don't fully blame him for it, but he definitely deserves some of the blame. As does Dubas , and Dubas totally takes crap for it as well as people want him fired.
  9. Just read Mikheyevs agent and the Leafs agent had agreed to a deal for more and then the Leafs called and offered less and he took it to help the team stay under the cap. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/behind-ilya-mikheyevs-last-minute-rfa-contract-maple-leafs/
  10. No.... Marner is going to be bashed because of a few things. He's a hometown kid who held out demanding unrealistic salary demands. He took zero hometown discount to show his love for his hometown team. Add that to a subpar year and you're going to get thrown under the bus by fans and media alike. You demand big boy dollars, put on your big boy pants and perform, or get ripped on for it.
  11. When you're the highest paid player in the league , which Marner was last season, people are going to bash you for being sub-par.
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