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  1. Don't worry. They're not making the playoffs to lose in a game 7 anyway...
  2. Marner is just an absolute black hole this year. I hoped the break would give him some focus but he's still a pathetic piece of shit player right now. Just looks completely lost.
  3. I haven't been watching to this point and I'm not seeing a reason to tune in now beyond seeing the last of the Leafs for the season.
  4. Hi. I come from the future! Sorry about this game all, but better luck next year! Actually next year isn't that good for you either but you will get to the 2nd round before being swept. Then the team is dissolved and sold off and finally moved to Kansas City where they win a cup in 2024,but enjoy the ride while you can!
  5. My favourite memory was when COVID19 managed to stop me having to watch an uninspired and lazy uber talented team underperforming night after night.
  6. Plus in all honesty there are going to be a ton of undiagnosed cases which make the numbers seem worse.
  7. The cheap joke is pretty much a staple of Jewish comedians
  8. Because they were having dinner to celebrate passover?
  9. They've consistently dropped games against shit teams they should have no problem with all year, or squeaked by. Not exactly instilling confidence.
  10. They need to be able to beat bottom feeders consistently. They never seem to.
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