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  1. Last year our PK (77.7%) was nearly four percent worse than TBL's (81.4%) but both teams allowed 43 powerplay goals against. http://www.nhl.com/stats/teams?report=penaltykill&reportType=season&seasonFrom=20192020&seasonTo=20192020&gameType=2&filter=gamesPlayed,gte,1&sort=penaltyKillPct&page=0&pageSize=50 So, you know. Context and actual results rather than pretty face-value numbers. Which isn't to say that our actual results can't improve; if you look at that link you'll see that both teams also finished in the top-half of the league for most PP
  2. I just don't know how obvious it has to be that the plan is to outscore or avoid our problems before you guys catch on. Last year we were the third-least penalized team in the league. Since Matthews came into the league we're the fourth-least penalized team and we take the fourth-least penalties/60, per NHL.com. http://www.nhl.com/stats/teams?report=penalties&reportType=season&seasonFrom=20162017&seasonTo=20192020&gameType=2&filter=gamesPlayed,gte,1&sort=a_penaltiesTakenPer60&page=0&pageSize=50 The plan is not to build a solid, robust PK. The pla
  3. I wonder why stupid people who have spent more time developing their defence-mechanisms than their knowledge-base or minds always accuse people who correct their obvious twaddle of being 'obsessed' with them.
  4. He'll be the backup by the time Andersen gets up off his knees after blowing October. Again.
  5. That's an entirely different line of reasoning, though. 100% you can say he had a bad year and that's unacceptable given his payrate. You can't (validly) say that one sub-par seasons means that he's "shit".
  6. FWIW, you can't validly run about screaming about recency bias and then dump on Marner because he was sub-par last year.
  7. I have a better shot than Ceci and I haven't held a hockey stick since 1997.
  8. Rodion Ruslanovich Amirov. Have some manners.
  9. Without more context it's always hard to know whether you're dealing with a Yank or someone with a learning disability.
  10. My favourite is when armchair GM's get all snippy about having their (demonstrably lacking) knowledge of the game mocked/questioned while simultaneously positioning themselves as knowing better than an actual professional GM and every professional scout employed by a major league hockey team. EHM is, like, $22 on Steam. Knock yourself out.
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