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  1. I've never understood why the owners haven't pushed for this format. The money they would save on flights alone would justify it not to mention the spin off from the extended rivalries it would create. Award an extra point for the mini-series winner.
  2. https://www.tsn.ca/video/dubas-praises-rielly-for-one-of-the-most-selfless-things-ive-seen~2087810 Would have made a fine captain.
  3. Auston Matthews, Connor McDavid sharing ice to prepare for 2020-21 season (sportsnet.ca)
  4. wasnt Anderson the one who said he wanted to pattern his game after Hyman's? 50% win right there.
  5. curious if the league has set a drop dead date for the 20/21 season?
  6. Honestly, I'm old and out of touch. I had to look up what incel was only to find out its a label created for people who want to, but can't get laid....? Lmfao. Just what the world needs, another useless label created to demean someone.
  7. you guys really hammered the point home by talking about the weather
  8. i was focused more on the direction change of management and team philosophy than individual players achievements.
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