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  1. but only at surface level. what he really was pushing for was the babcock show. the "i don't care that you're far and away my best player, and that if you don't show up big the team isn't going anywhere regardless of who i have surrounding you, you're gonna play 16 minutes. and when we're down and i need you more than ever, i'll still keep you on the bench just to show you who's boss. just like i showed modano who's boss, in a meaningless game, that meant literally nothing, so that I could rob him of 1500 games." the "we're down 4-1 in the final elimination game of the playoffs, and act
  2. and sandin & boyd wont be on the team, so there’s the 1.6mil for dermott & anderson.
  3. I guess. Was hoping for under 1.5 what with the bargains out in FA, but hey, it’s a good deal so what the hell.
  4. yeah, I tend to agree, but then on the other hand he was *on-pace* for what, 16 goals? and only actually scored 8 goals last season. and then did put up 0 goals and 0 points in the playoffs, so then i think, why does he derserve anything more then 1-1.2?
  5. i wonder if it isn't prudent to simply walk away from mikeyev at 1.6-1.8 simply because, while that is pretty fair, there are so many bargains out there currently that we could pick up for 1 mil or 700k?
  6. so let’s split the difference at 2 years at 1.3 mil.
  7. i think at 11 million some of our stars will need to be defensively sound. luckily they seem to be going that route.
  8. maybe. but if, say, barabanov sits until injury or a failure to perform from other bottom 6ers, i have no problem with that. most good teams have those depth options that can actually come up and play nhl hockey.
  9. im gonna choose to have faith and believe that joe’s vocal style of leadership is exactly what this quiet frightened team needs. i can see tye many ways this doesn’t workout, but i can see ways that it does compliment, and im gonna be hopeful. welcome JT #2!
  10. lotta players still available too. no money out there now.
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