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  1. well, I was hoping it wasn’t spezza going out, but I am excited to see anderson.
  2. i dont really want ennis taking a shot away from someone like anderson.
  3. This isn’t worth much, but when capmbell is in net i dont get nervous at every single shot. i know he’s going to give us a good game. bogosian definitely makes mistakes, but i agree, he balances our defense out significantly, and it seems that we need that.
  4. mtl, who is a *decent* team, may be benefiting from only having to play against deeply deeply flawed teams with almost universally no defense.
  5. he is indeed, fairly well known too. mind you, if you planned to live in russia at any point post-career and you have a high profile, I would strongly advise you to be pro-putin.
  6. ive really liked simmonds role on this team btw, I think he’s helped filled a critical role. i love that he understands what a net-front presence is supposed to actually do too, some guys just skate there and do nothing.
  7. yea, it’s never been about anyone saying he’s a bad goalie, because he isn’t. it’s about us needing a goaltender that can absolutely shut things down for critical stretches, and freddy typically does the opposite in critical situations.
  8. i think OV’s had what, 3 lockouts now? the first was his rookie season too, which likely woulda been 50 goals. I dare say he should be about 100 goals higher than where he is. mind you gretz had a shortened season too, so maybe he’d have had another 20-30 too. oh well, it was a nice thought about OV. (altho he did score the other night)
  9. ive zero faith in him when it matters, so i just hope they’ll goto campbell quickly after he fucks us in the playoffs again. he has been very physical. he’s developing into a true “power forward.”
  10. is marner starting to care again?!
  11. dont worry though army, freddy will show up in the 3rd period just so that we actually do get to see the team that we have every night. he is remarkably consistent. cue the confidence implosion.
  12. every meltdown we’ve had, he has always been at the center of it. through gards, barrie, all of it. freddy has had a major role in teaming up with our biggest screw up players, possibly because he’s always been the biggest of them all.
  13. who was that that failed to clear when he had the entire half of the ice clear but passed it into the middle of the ice? anyways, gj boys.
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