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  1. They all thought speed and skill would win...obviously they were wrong now they are trying to get the necessary grit and character we need to push past at least the first round of the playoffs and i still think we will get there with what we have.
  2. Kappy was alright we are gonna miss those shorthanded breakaways lol.
  3. putting positivity in here is like punching a concrete wall no matter how long you punch only person you're hurting is yourself.
  4. It just bugs me how people can be so negative to something we have no control over at all.
  5. Why is this important? Is it your money? Does it affect how you watch the game? Why are you more concerned about the product than the people actually building the team? Oh yeah it is just an opinion not like it gets anywhere.
  6. I guess the value depends on if he is over his wrist surgery and back to where he was before he got injured.
  7. Didn't we have a Thornton in Blue and White before? I guess the only weird thing is that Joe will have the biggest fullest beard on the team LOL.
  8. I get it ya douchebag but last few posts were related to homophobia and not really about Dubas and his shitting all over the fans and team.
  9. What the hell does firing Dubas have to do with homophobia? Do you guys know something about Doobie that would get him fired outside of hockey?
  10. All we got is hope right now, things are better as we speak..could use another RHD but i am thinking Dermott gets a shot with either Muzzin or with whoever on the third pair.
  11. This is when you know the love for each other is stronger than our love for the Leafs....congratulations Step and JD hope all works well for you two.
  12. DO my eyes deceive me? @Cujo you are back? hey bud how are you?
  13. Well outside of Brodie with the 3 year Bogo is one year and if he can get back to his old self he is a fucking tank....but fine i would say 3 years before Dubas loses his shit on trying to resign Marner and Nylander again.
  14. Well Leafs window got real short with these acquisitions so next year is the year and Andersen better be real happy with our D cause other teams are gonna get hurt trying to get to our goalie..........well at least i hope it goes that way we shall see.
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