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  1. you mean like the above post Army, that kind of going off, like that you mean? speaking of irony it is indeed astounding but he's been like that since 2002 so at least there's a level of consistency, I think the problem stems from his belief that he's the smartest person in the room, especially when that belief is entwined with a sense of self worth
  2. getting back on track, has this Covid thing with Auston been confirmed yet?
  3. why what did Moronson have to say, I have him on ignore even when i don't🙉
  4. wow sounds like you were using either vaseline or olive oil for that intense release...keep on trucking err I meant clucking ya chickenshit pile of self loathing
  5. well what's obvious here is that one of you has to be wrong, yep that's right, wrong! moronson and jojo together at last
  6. a little eytomolgy 😉 if thats the correct word of course or is that entymology I'm sure they'll be a correction offered.....lols .......but whatevs you might want to sit back and inhale for this one "Boom Boom" is actually the origin of that totally chilly GenY put down "boomer" as in "sure thing boomer" we boomer's used to say "yeah sure thing boom boom" back in the day when it was a really cool expression, of course we didn't use boomer for obvious reasons. These day's sadly "boomer" is overused, often misused and has really become stale 🙉 Not sure if it's true or not but I've hear
  7. check out the Sabres from 74-75 thru 84-85 they were really good, a solid all around team Gilbert Perreault's salad days basically
  8. you can't just lay this on the owners, the union had a lot of say in this
  9. not anymore they were just a gateway cereal to Lucky Charms
  10. once known as Captain Canada, there is no other answer but Ryan Smyth🏒 OMG you incredibly insensitive racist/bigot(take your pick), how dare you even suggest to somebody to renounce something so absolutely precious as their American citizenship, a privilege that is recognized around the world as a symbol of fairness, equality and progressive thought, a citizenship that is chocked full of exceptional truthes that also appear to be self evident, for shame sir for shame🙊 ❄️
  11. egads I remember when that sport started, born out of the "Tough guy competitions" in the 70's, if you remember those 😅fucking Lox was crazy about MMA, I never had the time for it, violence for violence sake is a turn off in my book. I love hockey played tough and in the trenches, hard forechecking, using the boards, open ice hits, lot's of that kind of physical play, but honestly I didn't watch a whole lot of hockey in the 70's when it was line brawl after line brawl, I'll forever hate Fred Shero for starting that non-sense and almost ruining our game.
  12. you and I both know that what Colton, and those like him did was never hockey, there was a time when the enforcer wasn't some 6'4" meathead who could barely get around the rink without losing his balance back in the day they were just guy's who were willing to stand up for the elite team-mate if he'd been a victim of a dirty play, no one ever expected Beliveau or Keon to drop em, that's what Eddie and John were for, other then their regular shift of course
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