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  1. How do you find the nicholas cage one each time? I love that one. I used to find via reddit streams.
  2. Both games were great to watch. $2 beer $2 hot dogs $2 popcorn The 2nd one was painful seeing us blow a 3 goal lead. But the local crowd was intense and vocal. It was a good weekend for hockey in this area. I hope to God there is a game 7. You can all stay at my place!
  3. That would indeed be 7 hours. Will be sitting against the glass. Looks like there is at least 4K tix sold for tonights game. This town is getting a small but rabid fan base.
  4. The Marlies are finally playing in Charlotte !!!! I'll be going tonight and tomorrow night donning Maple Leaf gear. Been waiting a long time for a chance to see playoff hockey in person. And I have never been to a Marlies game before.
  5. I live about 2 hours away from the area. Local news does not even cover their results much of the time. And now, they are featured right up front locally! This has been the best hockey promoting event in years. The tv commercials now show these celebrations as part of the montage. This is the perfect thing for a team "in the South". I'd hate to see many teams do it. I'd REALLY hate to see a team celebrate this way in an enemy barn. (Ok enough posting from me, I have been way too chatty on here lately)
  6. I don't pay attention as much of the rest of you, but did we not used to love Zaitsev a few years ago? Has his play tailed off that much? Is it just this season? And is there any chance that he could regain his rookie form?
  7. Random shit from twitter.....
  8. I put Ana winning it all. Because Carlyle. Also, I clearly have not paid enough attention.
  9. robbie

    NFL Thread

    In hockey terms, "He was terrible for 2 and half periods but then score a hattrick and the OT winner". MVP undeserved? He just set these records last night: Most completions, game, 43 Tom Brady – New England vs. Atlanta, LI Most passing yards, game, 466 Tom Brady – New England vs. Atlanta, LI Brady is to NFL as "NOBODY" is to NHL. He has earned G.O.A.T. The only question remains is he greater than Jordan as all time greats (I still wager no, Jordan still greatest)
  10. You're not the boss of me. Go away public message, talking to myself, need more tinfoil.

  11. I adore his calmness upon scoring. How long before Toronto media churns out a story about not having heart ? I give it July.
  12. robbie

    NFL Thread

    What I watched: After watching that, I have this uncontrollable urge to have a Budweiser. I watch football because I like to watch 0-2 yard runs and boy oh boy that was a real treat ! I tried to tune in early for the National anthem. Thought I was watching the opening to the hunger games.
  13. robbie

    NFL Thread

    Good times down here in the Carolinas. Win or lose, this has been a great season.
  14. robbie

    NFL Thread

    I hope some day Leaf fans get to feel what us Panther fans are feeling this season. Surreal. Every Sunday is sooo much fun. It might all crash in our first game of the playoffs but it still has been an epic ride.
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