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  1. I agree. He looked good briefly, but also had some bad stretches when asked to do too much. Then he got injured. I don't think he deserves more than Derm yet.
  2. That's not splitting the difference if you're splitting hairs. The injury is definitely going to play into this as he hasn't proven his worth over a full season, nor his full recovery. Two years at 1.25 or we'll sign another geezer instead.
  3. Exactly why I said if he signs for less. We don't need to replace an overpaid assist machine with an overpaid goal machine, we need value for money.
  4. This year, if it ever happens, will be a better judgement of their relative values. I'd rather have last year's Laine, particularly with a big cap discount. Laine was pretty good his first season too. Of course Marner was great before he got overpaid. I just wasn't impressed with last year's timid random giveaway Marner.
  5. One final deal to make. Marner for Laine, if he'll sign for a million less a year.
  6. Good thing ol Lou and Kadri are gone, or that beard would suffer.
  7. His recent record sucks. 3.01 GAA. Hopefully he can get the team some discounts on gaming laptops.
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