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  1. Agreed. But the bar is so low a snake would have trouble doing the limbo.
  2. How about a goalie that doesn't let in random soft ones even though otherwise he's actually pretty good?
  3. Humper

    2020 offseason.

    Calls to mind the Leafs 2007-8 Scott Clemenson Andrew Raycroft Vesa Toskola Talk about 3 AHL goalies...
  4. Whatever happened to "AM, shut up"? Isn't that a thing anymore? PS Take it easy on me - I too just woke up from my nap.
  5. At least 50% of us, because I certainly do. That just leaves @Calico to report in.
  6. I'm curious enough to ask, but smart enough not to.
  7. Got no dog in this fight so like Pipes I actually don't give a shit. Looking for a close, hard-fought 6/7 game series. Especially since this is the last hockey we will see until...when?
  8. Not to mention he's way to gritty to be a Leaf. Oops, just did.
  9. No need. I changed my Depends and all is right with the world again.
  10. Humper


    Yer jest a wet-behind-the-ears punk.
  11. Humper


    At my age getting cocky is a rare experience.
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