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  1. They should call it "How to spend to the cap and trade all your top draft spots and still come in last place Corner"
  2. Some slop play all around and bad penalties. However, my main take away from this game is a positive. The team didn't simply give up and die like they sometimes do. They played pretty consistently and it got the win. Give it a week or two for things to tighten up.
  3. Impeach Dubas. He is a unhinged, deranged, dangerous General Manager.
  4. This panel of homers on CBC saying how the Simmonds fight got the leafs back in the game. Here I was thinking it was Montreal taking 3 bad penalties in the span of 3 minutes. That fight musta scrambled the marbles of the whole Habs team and made them take shit penalties.
  5. The 4th line will be centered by Joe Thornton, and his beard will be both wings.
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