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  1. Raiden

    NFL Thread

    When you learn from the best....
  2. Right? Perfect logo in the cellar and they go off the grid with that abomination
  3. Yep. We'll take McDavid and cover the hotel costs. The Jets can take Drai. Sad day for the Oilers.
  4. Raiden

    2020 offseason.

    That's an interesting list
  5. Raiden


    It hasn't happened to me until today. I just assume it is you
  6. Raiden


    IPB broke our database, it's been fixed. However, you'll notice when you click on a thread you'll be brought to the first post a thread. You're all going to have to put up with it.
  7. Basically, all that shit they spewed was just thrown out the window. I'm hoping it came as no surprise to anyone The NHL never really gave a shit.
  8. The fact this needs to be said shows how much we're glossing over what he did. For over half his life, he's been a fucking douche. And Arizona awarded him. While touring how equality is paramount. Yeah. Sure thing. Garbage organization.
  9. Don't worry. 18 year olds totally change for the better after court order apologies are enforced. Arizona is a fucking embarrassment.
  10. This will work out nicely. Arizona is such a good environment for him. So stable and future bright
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