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  1. Matthews should easily be in the top 5. Kevin Hayes at #6?
  2. By the time you get to this level, to have no hitting doesn't make sense. (covid or no covid) Not sure if it has changed now, but we had hitting in house league Hockey in the 70's.
  3. But to throw in Kerfoot, Dermott and a draft pick? No thanks!
  4. So with 127 NHL games played what has Korpisalo proven exactly?
  5. He should have just shot himself. Why take other peoples lives for his own failures? Just my view on it anyway.
  6. I thought Zaitsev was pretty good in his first season. He just didn't seem like the same player after that though.
  7. Cool. I guess that is why my family moved to Southern Vancouver Island years ago.
  8. I just thought it was nuts. I spent 6 years in Ontario, and never saw a snowfall past early April. Late November to late March was the usual.
  9. I spent a few months in Calgary. I saw -3 temperatures and 5cm of snow in the middle of May.
  10. Agreed. It isn't like the old days. I can remember hearing stories about Guy Lafleur chain smoking in the dressing room.
  11. I can remember one of Marner's former coaches or maybe it was a trainer, saying that for his size, Mitch does some of the heaviest Squats he had ever seen.
  12. I bet if you did a workout in the gym with Mitch, he would make you cry.
  13. Well, that is what i am hoping for. He is definitely capable of having a 100 point season.
  14. We have done a lot of free agent signings. Lets wait and see how we do next season first.
  15. I guess most of us aren't happy with Marner's contract. But what is the point of going on endlessly about it?
  16. So apparently Spezza offered Thornton his #19. He said he had too much respect for Joe not to. Thornton declined and said he was not going to do that.
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