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  1. How much longer are we paying the 1.25M to Kessel?
  2. Spezza went 10/10 on faceoffs last night. That has to worth something right?
  3. It looks like they are doing this to create some cap space after the knee injury to Robertson.
  4. Agreed. The thing i liked about this game is the team actually showed the ability to play well defensively tonight.
  5. With it being the last year of his contract. You would think Freddy would put in a bit more effort.
  6. @Dog Taker Being a loud must have certain appeal. Look at all the Trump supporters.
  7. Brian Burke. People actually thought of him coming in to replace Don Cherry. That would just be more of the same thing.
  8. I stopped watching football years ago. Going way back it was the 49ers. Then they started winning a lot and everyone and there dog became a fan. So i then cheered for the Eagles. I actually don't mind the Browns or Bengals. I guess you aren't old enough to remember Eric Dickerson?
  9. I figured you for a Marino fan so i wanted to give you a hard time.
  10. I just didn't understand the Marino rant. Just seemed like an unusual way to put it. Plus i never did like Dan Marino.
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