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  1. AoR

    Reverse Retro Jerseys

    Detroits isn't bad, hard to do big colour changes when they've only ever used 2 colours. I really hate Vancouvers blue to green fading. Also as much as it pains me to say it I really like the Habs sweater.
  2. At least if the power goes out in the arena they will still be able to see each other in those glow in the dark...things.
  3. Anyways I am also hopeful about Simmonds, Even if he only really steps up once in a while I will be okay with it.
  4. Lets drop the personal attacks please. This is the Leafs section not the bitch to/about each other section.
  5. McDavid has tested positive for Covid per team. Resting at home with mild symptoms.
  6. CBJ has just a touch more cap space than the Leafs. They aren't giving Korpi away.
  7. I saw the discussion about Anderson for Hamilton on Reddit, it would be an interesting trade but both seems to be dead in the water at the moment. As for Korpisalo, I'd take him but at what price?
  8. 'Number 88 Bobby Orr!' just doesn't have the same ring to it.
  9. Didn't the NHL implement a 7 day rule so that teams could 'legally' talk to potential UFAs for a week before the official period opens. Just nothing could be signed or made official.
  10. Umm does the NHL know its September? Why are they handing out the cup in pre season? Congrats Tampa.
  11. Fuck em I'll just 'delete' the posts and tell people to stay on topic.
  12. Just to be clear none of the mods/admins 'delete' posts, we hide them. Deleting posts would change post counts (not that I personally care about that) hiding them does not.
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