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  1. I see Campbell getting quite a few more games this year to groom him to take over. I don't think Andersen is here much longer.
  2. I'm not mad yet. Much better showing than last night, as long as there's progress I'm good.
  3. I always did. In spite of what people think of him I could never hate him. He's my boy.
  4. I hope you're right. That would be a huge win for the Leafs. Minus Rielly, we haven't had a defensive prospect meet his potential in SO long, it would be great to see.
  5. Shhhh. Common sense, not so common. Just look at Twitter over the Leafs signing Hutchinson, a depth move.
  6. I use Amazon a lot, I won't lie. It's just so convenient as someone that doesn't drive and would rather not be in stores right now while battling cancer to have things delivered. I wonder if "renewable energy" would affect ice quality?
  7. Yeah, I get it. He didn't take a "hometown discount". Unlike most I won't lie to myself, if I had a 15 year window and was undertaking the risk of my brain turning into oatmeal every time I go to work I wouldn't take a discount either. Villainizing a guy for capitalizing on an opportunity that he may never get again reeks of jealousy. I know for a fact that at 23 Mitch is more successful than I could ever dream of being so I can't hate on him that much. "Take one for the team" is a nice thought but doesn't happen often. It doesn't make a player selfish, it makes them smart.
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