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  1. I use Amazon a lot, I won't lie. It's just so convenient as someone that doesn't drive and would rather not be in stores right now while battling cancer to have things delivered. I wonder if "renewable energy" would affect ice quality?
  2. Yeah, I get it. He didn't take a "hometown discount". Unlike most I won't lie to myself, if I had a 15 year window and was undertaking the risk of my brain turning into oatmeal every time I go to work I wouldn't take a discount either. Villainizing a guy for capitalizing on an opportunity that he may never get again reeks of jealousy. I know for a fact that at 23 Mitch is more successful than I could ever dream of being so I can't hate on him that much. "Take one for the team" is a nice thought but doesn't happen often. It doesn't make a player selfish, it makes them smart.
  3. Calling the guy a cunt for having an off-year is next level stuff, lol. Way too invested if he pisses you (not you, but him) off that much. Of course, nobody that goes off like that behind a keyboard would utter a peep in his direction were he in the room.
  4. This is why, even though I'm not blind and can acknowledge he didn't have a good year I'm not standing over a bridge over it. The skill is obviously there and his confidence suffered. He'll rebound and everyone here will be lining up again to kiss his ass. Fickle Leafs fans are fickle.
  5. You seriously need to get over it, this narrative is getting old. We get it, Marner sucks, he's the reason we haven't won since '67, he held a gun to management's head and threatened their children, he's responsible for world hunger, blah blah blah. Jesus. Broken records have nothing on you. God forbid he has a 100 point season and you have nothing to talk about lol
  6. The point remains. Ottawa being tougher to play against leaves room for their young players to develop with confidence. That type of culture vs. a culture of being pushed around is a very stark contrast.
  7. Also, losing Kapanen and Johnsson sucks, that isn't lost on me, but we all knew to fill holes on D players would need to be moved out. It's the unfortunate downfall of a cap system. Hopefully having a healthy Mikheyev, Thornton on the PP and a stronger year from Marner will make up for their loss. I just hope the PK doesn't suffer too much, but let's face it, that's been an issue since long before these two were even in the league. Another factor people haven't considered much is the changes in the coaching staff. Hopefully they will turn out to be positive changes and we'll see a d
  8. Well we certainly can't complain about him sitting idle now. How these moves pan out remains to be seen, but he's made the effort to fill some holes. Dubas is also benefiting from Matthews (and other skilled guys, but it lives/dies with Matthews) appeal and players wanting to play here again. That's not a bad thing, he's used it to snag what we hope will be the partner that Rielly needs, some depth on D and some pretty damn strong experience that will act as role players and mentors. It could still crash and burn like a 4x4 off a cliff, but I feel much differently about this team no
  9. This is true, but look at the numbers league wide. Fighting overall is way down. It's also hard on defensive players. You need players with strong positioning and active sticks because it seems everything is called (or nothing is called, equally as frustrating). It's all just different. I miss those days. Well, this is the type of guy you want on the team so I can see why they opted to work it out with him instead of "well someone in FA would be cheaper". You know what he brings when healthy, he's familiar with the team, he's shown he gels - with a FA you just don't know.
  10. This isn't the 80's, man. I know. I get it. We were spoiled with Clark, Gilmour etc., they were the epitome of what I love about hockey. But, the league today is much, much different than it was then. Speed and skill (with the obvious balance of strong support players) is the way it is today, you can't touch a player without ending up in the box, fighting is near dead and the aim seems to be more scoring and less goalie duels. I don't like it either, but this is where we're at.
  11. Brett Hull is a good example of this. He literally made his career with this in mind. IMO PM mismanaged Laine. He will go elsewhere and light the league on fire.
  12. Truth be told, I wouldn't give my employer a "hometown discount" either.
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