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  1. Stars new jerseys have them looking like a can of Monster.
  2. Still hasn't apologized to him directly 4 years later and taunted him again when he was 16? Good look. https://theathletic.com/2162185/2020/10/27/arizona-coyotes-mitchell-miller-bullying-nhl/
  3. That there has never been a personal apology tells me that Miller hasn't progressed enough. He had multiple shots to get it right leading up to the draft and he didn't.
  4. The judge in Miller's case said there was no sign of remorse from him during the trial and Miller himself never personally apologized to Meyer-Crothers. The Coyotes cheated ahead of the draft and used their extra Intel to draft this kid. Remarkable.
  5. Even then, Vancouver downgraded in net and lost two top 4 D and a top 6 winger.
  6. They got more than expected for Kapanen and they got less than expected for Johnsson. The latter being injured most of the season and the play-in round didn’t help his value. They were both coming off career seasons and 20 goal seasons when signed. Mikheyev has little to no track record so it’s not even a comparison.
  7. Ottawa had already given Ceci his QO at the time of the trade. The only party who could have walked away from said QO was Ceci. Apparently not throwing pending UFA’s under the bus to the media is a bad thing? This fanbase has some odd theories.
  8. Krak(en) is whack. Shut up.
  9. He was. Then he got paid, had a foot injury, and his entire game fell off a cliff. Still fortunate they got out of that contract even if it meant watching Ceci for a season.
  10. I know Zaitsev and Oz didn’t live up to expectations, but I’m hoping Lehtonen’s game translates to the NHL.
  11. If he didn’t miss 15 games due to injury and a full season was played, he’d hit it.
  12. Probably because it rarely happened here, if at all outside of Clark and Domi. To establish a skilled core and build around them with depth character guys?
  13. Seems straight-forward. Lehtonen/Dermott/Bogosian could be the bottom pairing rotation so there's no need for Marincin either, thank fuck.
  14. He didn’t have a good season outside the stretch he had after his healthy scratch. I hate that the last memory I’ll have of him is stopping on a breakaway looking to make a pass. Drafting skill and acquiring grit via trade or FA isn’t new or an insurgence of different thinking. Hasn’t that always been the plan? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
  15. Kapanen and Johnsson were just so good last season. I think they’ll survive without them.
  16. https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/mapleleafs 200K over the cap with Dermott and Anderson unsigned (the latter could just accept his QO), Sandin and Boyd on the active roster, and Marincin and Engvall in the minors.
  17. If it’s just an opinion - why are you worked up over it? Lol. Brodie’s deal was pretty solid imo.
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