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  1. Hard to be impressed with Barabanov when he rarely gets minutes.
  2. I’d put in a claim for him. Couldn’t be any worse than Barabanov at 75K more.
  3. Watching Ceci play top minutes last season was disrespectful to my eyes, so probably not.
  4. Going from Ceci to Brodie is like trading in a Yugo for a Ferrari.
  5. Injuries and B2B’s are going to happen. Lehtonen will get his chance.
  6. Hutch’s first win wasn’t until December... in his 7th start and against those powerhouse Red Wings.
  7. Right after they lost Dell on waivers. This team is fucking cursed.
  8. The Leafs penalty differential feels like it's in a constant battle between -1 and 0.
  9. Death, taxes, and the Leafs taking the first penalty... After the refs missed a blatant too many men call against Calgary in the first, of course.
  10. Laine had 15 goals 20 assists at 5v5, PLD had 15 goals 18 assists. PLD also played two more games.
  11. All the ducks? Better keep him away from any parks.
  12. Winnipeg finally got their bonafide second line centre to play with Laine... and it only cost them Laine.
  13. If Dubois didn’t like Columbus... have fun in Winnipeg.
  14. Third round pick going to Winnipeg is for 2022. Jets are retaining 26% of Laine’s salary for the season, which evens out cap hits between Laine and Dubois. No added salary for Columbus other than new Roslovic deal.
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