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  1. Not saying you can't, I am just saying how many times do you hit your head against a brick wall, before you decide to stop? Some people believe what they want to, no matter what....
  2. Well you have fun with that... I prefer intelligent conversations, sex, sleeping or drooling in a cup... Time for option number 3 for me ..
  3. Wow you guys are still arguing with him... He is either troll of the century, or you guys really need to get out...... I love the leafs, but really? Arguing with him or dating a girl, going for a few beers? Paper cuts on your fingertips?? Is the choice really so hard??
  4. Wow you guys are still trying to convince him to see your viewpoint..... I think you guys all rode the short bus to school....
  5. Who is smarter? The retard or the people arguing with the retard and are frustrated they cannot get the retard to see reason? I am honestly not sure right now.......
  6. My guess is, that this is the type of "pain" that was talked about. They knew that Babcock would get more out of this team. They knew that some people would play better under him and yet still be traded. They also knew that they would have to take best possible deal, not what they needed most. So now Leafland has hope about what could be, and then the deadline deals happen, and we have glaring holes in our lineup, and the pain really hits. We do not have the luxury of waiting for what we need, and must take the best that we can get. Thus far there has been no pain, but if the deadline hap
  7. So there is only a possibility of an offer sheet or signing with your team. No point in holding out and getting traded right? only two choices. There is a reason I do not post here often. So many delusional people. Hmmmmm let us offer sheet someone below value, if the team is not willing to up it, they have no choice but to sign with us. If they don't we piss someone off, but no big deal, they will of course trade with us if we overpay, but no worries, they will not pull that against us when we least need it. You offer sheet when you are almost sure it will work, only when the risk is wort
  8. Really Uteck, you are going to call me out for what you know of me from one fucking post? I was wrong, you are not retarded throwing a tantrum. You are simply fucking retarded.
  9. You know I am someone who does not have all that much time to take to answer on these forums. I read fairly often, but do not want to be pulled into such a conversation. At times, I think you have a point, but at others, you are such a fucking troll it is not even possible to see it otherwise. you say 2016 2nd. I say Daniel Fucking Winnik. How about you go back to trolling something that someone can even somewhat understand and even possibly agree with rather then being an absolute fucking retard who rides a short bus to school with a hockey helmet and throws a tantrum because some
  10. I will wait and see how the D-Corp looks come training camp before I am sure about this. This trade only makes sense if they believe that they are going to get someone else to Play with Dion either through a trade or FA. The trade in itself is more of a win for St. Louis then Toronto. But if our D looks somthing like this come training camp: Dion - Boyle Reilly - Franson/ Gleason Gards - Polak then I have no problem with it. But if we do next to nothing else to our D-Corp, next year will be gruesome (although maybe we really are going to tank if that is the case).
  11. @ TieClark Are you fucking retarded? You can't see a benefit for highly conditioned professional athletes when one team plays a game the night before, and is not at their top physical prowess while the other rests and is? And you want to compare it to our fucking peewee days when we played 3 games in one day for a tourny and ran around like madmen in between games. Or perhaps later when we were absolutely exhausted after playing the 3rd game? All the while playing teams that did the same thing. Really? I mean fucking really?
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