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  1. So, if we truly are done the question is: Is Brodie + Bogosian better than Barrie and Ceci? (and before you say a resounding "YES" remember how we all felt about our shiny new toys last offseason with those two..) Because I don't think we've upgraded our D as much as we need to. The forwards we added also aren't exactly defensively sound, either.
  2. Marner - Matthews - Tavares/Hyman Rielly - Brodie (or Muzzin) Matthews is pretty underrated defensively. The way he's able to strip the puck off other players and control the play makes him a great choice. He's solid on the draw as well. Hyman is a good choice for obvious reasons and Marner is ok on the PK so he'd be fine in the last minute. I agree with the PK - I am assuming it's Vesey/Kerfoot, Hyman/Marner, Mikheyev/?? One of the last F spots will go to a guy who can PK responsibly. Not a good group by any means, though.
  3. Nothing wrong with that deal. Ceci is fine a bottom pairing D-man.
  4. So; Hyman - Matthews - Nylander Mikheyev - Tavares - Marner Vesey - Kerfoot - Robertson Barabanov - Spezza/Thornton - Simmonds Is my early prediction. Spezza/Thornton rotation. Robertson sits some games as well, maybe even Barabanov. I'm thinking Engvall gets dealt (too soon, but 1.2M might be too rich for this roster as sad as that sounds). Still have Korshkov and Anderson who could impress. Might be a toss up between those two and Barabanov/Robertson.
  5. ... You realize Thornton is not good enough to play this role, yes?
  6. Anyways, I don't entirely hate having Thornton. I think he and Spezza will rotate in and out often along with somebody else who might be struggling. I doubt we see both dressed for many games too often. I guess it depends on our cap room and whether we can carry a 13th forward. I think our core needs another voice or two in there. I just don't see a true leader in Tavares. Albeit, Jumbo Joe doesn't really have a successful resume in terms of winning it all.
  7. So, not to toot my horn. Nah I'm tooting; Just call me SandEklund. Or SandDreger. Maybe SandBob
  8. Dell's decent. I'd say almost too good to be a 3rd stringer. Wonder why he didn't sign elsewhere, no complaints though.
  9. I've been saying it for weeks now... Spezza-Thornton-Simmonds 4th line
  10. §andman

    2020 offseason.

    I don't know if losing Stastny and Schmidt but adding Pietrangelo makes Vegas better. Plus, they have to lose another guy to make it work (Stephenson seems most obvious, no?)...
  11. §andman

    2020 offseason.

    They didn't help them out. They got a really good player for really cheap.
  12. §andman

    2020 offseason.

    VAN is looking pretty poor right now. They've lost some key guys this year.
  13. Where did these Weegar rumours come from anyway?
  14. §andman

    2020 offseason.

    Colorado got Saad. Dealt Zadorov. They needed extra scoring, Kadri and Saad should do well together.
  15. Rielly - Brodie Muzzin - Holl Lehtonen - Bogosian Do you keep Dermott? Do you trade Holl? Sandin is still there. Something's gotta give. I guess Lehtonen could be sent to the minors but I doubt that's the plan.
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