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  1. I don't know about Robertson yet. I don't think he's physically ready for the NHL. He's sorta like Sandin to me last year. Needs more time to bulk up for the NHL game.
  2. Ok, one more. Someone take away Marner's fucking Ps4 or xbox or whatever the fuck he has. I got buddies who game who tell me this kid is streaming and all this other shit. Tell him he needs to squat, deadlift and squat some more until he packs on 10 lbs of lower body muscle and work on some forearm strength so his shot doesn't flutter like a butterfly. 10.9M, my god. Well done Dubas.
  3. My early over-reaction is that it's becoming painfully clear the core (Matthews/Marner/Tavares/Rielly/Nylander/Andersen) are the problem. Need to get rid of 3/6.
  4. How has nobody told Mitch Marner to fucking bulk up? Atleast I saw Matthews in a scrum tonight. And he threw a few hits.
  5. Freddy's not good. But do we see this team? The D look ECHL quality and the F's look like they have zero idea of how to support. It's fucking pathetic. Zero ability to work hard and grind.
  6. Every single player that puts on a Maple Leaf jersey becomes a moron on defense. Like negative IQ defensive instincts.
  7. You know what would be nice? A defender like Josh Brown. Fuck me what a soft team.
  8. I really hope Lehtonen gets in soon. I want to see what he can do.
  9. They're not but I'm thinking beyond this year. Plus, he'd probably travel in T-dot because well, Harden just goes wherever he wants.
  10. Ok, Ok. 2 points. But, let's hope for better, cleaner hockey, eh?
  11. Honestly Thornton is ok on that top line but Hyman just works with Matthews.
  12. Holy fuck balls. Let's leave Toffoli WIDE open in front of the net.
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