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  1. Literally what I thought seeing him be put on waivers. It’s definitely too early to write off Barabanov but I haven’t seen literally anything that really sticks out from him. I would however rather give Anderson a look on the 4th line with Spezza and Simmonds than seeing Barabanov play or Ennis picked up.
  2. I wouldn’t touch the defensive pairings. It’s a well balanced 1-6 right now, something we haven’t seen in how many years?
  3. I just want to give a shout-out to TJ Brodie. I never really watched him play in Calgary and I didn’t expect him to be this good, but wow he’s been fantastic. Our entire d-core is looking good. Pretty crazy to think we still have Lehtonen AND Sandin sitting out.
  4. Vesey does not belong on this top line and Simmonds shouldn’t see anything more than the 4th line.
  5. Lady I get it, both these teams have done there work watching tape on one another’s PP... Lmao
  6. Agreed. He’s a good bottom six winger to have on the team. Don’t get the hate he’s received already. And his skating isn’t that slow as some people on here say so.
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