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  1. I guess we'll have to wait and see what Mikheyev is awarded in arbitration and what Dermott re-signs for.
  2. I don't expect either to really get much to begin with. Mikheyev, 1 year at 1 million and Dermott I'm hoping we can sign for 2 years at 1.25 per.
  3. There needs to be a trade. There isn't enough cap space available to sign both Dermott and Mikheyev right now.
  4. I really hope Marner is dedicating this off-season into building some muscle. He's probably got one of the weakest shots in the game. Not to mention how much criticism he received due to his poor play, he needs to bounce back strong.
  5. Hyman - Matthews - Nylander Robertson - Tavares - Marner Kerfoot - Thornton - Mikheyev Vesey - Spezza - Simmonds Rielly - Brodie Muzzin - Dermott Lethonen - Bogosian Andersen - Campbell
  6. I really like the additions Dubas has made this off-season. I think adding a few veterans like Thornton and Simmonds up front while even re-signing Spezza was good. Adding Brodie and Bogosian on the blueline is great and even a smaller move having Dell as a 3rd option is real solid. I'm still hoping Dubas can make a trade to acquire a RHD to play on that second pairing with Muzz and I think we'd be set.
  7. Barabanov has an out clause to head back to Europe if he doesn't make the Leafs. I think he's either playing or heading back to the KHL.
  8. Could be. Even if Robertson makes the team, having him play along side Thornton could be real nice especially for Robertson's development.
  9. I agree to a certain extent. Kerfoot looked really good on that third line but awful when playing in the top six. We have a pretty big log jam in that bottom six group now. I wouldn't mind seeing a bottom six of: Kerfoot - Thornton - Vesey Simmonds - Spezza - Anderson
  10. Kerfoot looked pretty good killing penalties against Columbus. I'm sure he's a lock for the PK unit.
  11. I think you're missing the point. Take a look at the other players they've added aside from Gudbranson, Watson and Brown. Guy's who can play a tough game. I'm sure Ottawa knows they're going to be shit and miss the playoffs but they want to set a good culture in that room that includes working hard.
  12. I actually liked the Gudbranson addition... They have a ton of cap space, his contract expires after next season and it'll make them a little tougher to play against.
  13. Hate to say it, but the Sens have had a solid off-season surprisingly.
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