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  1. Speed and skill will win. They just needed more on top of that. Dubas is trying to address those deficiencies. We'll see how the team goes now.
  2. He doesn't based on his play post-injury but that's why I said it's worth the risk.
  3. Mikheyev pre injury is worth well north of the middle point of those two numbers paying him somewhere around 1.6-1.8 is a risk worth taking.
  4. Laine doesn't need to develop defensive game. He's a hired gun. He literally just needs to score goals and make a PP absolutely terrifying for the opposition. Some players fit within a very specific role. He can be one of the best in the game at that role when people stop trying to change him.
  5. Lot of aging skaters filling out the roster. Let's hope it works out.
  6. Of course they do. He's a significant piece that makes that team better. Losing him is a big loss.
  7. Oh so you've watched the Flames and Brodie? It's more likely you've been on Reddit again forming your opinions for you. Brodie, like all non Norris contending defensemen has those gaffes but he does everything else right. Try watching him play before you label him because of something you've read somewhere. Gardiner and Brodie don't even compare in defensive play style. Unless you think Gardiner didn't panic with the puck when pressure was on and wasn't afraid to take a hit to make a play?
  8. I think 5M is a little steep for Weegar? Maybe 3.5M at the most?
  9. Nowhere did I say don't be cautiously optimistic i can't be overly optimistic anymore either but even you can see tge irony in the statements of the post I was responding to.
  10. Beodie is a legit #2 and Bogosian possibly a top 4. What the fuck isn't there to like, like? Lol. Jesus christ. The defense appears to be improved significantly and for a total of 6M dollars and you're all wwll I don't like, like it but if we could a #5 defenseman then I'd love it๐Ÿ‘
  11. GREAT Signing. Dubas is fucking killing it right now.
  12. Trading Johnsson for cap space makes you wish we'd trade Marner?
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