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  3. I agree but they just had a really good game together so roll with it for awhile.
  4. He still has yet to prove he’s better than Spezza... by a lot. His career FO% of 39.5 isn’t a ringing endorsement so far. Claiming Spezza would just put a target on that GM’s back. Dell should be the worry here because god forbid if Freddy or Campbell get injured again.
  5. I'm guessing given his age, this might be more of a move to get Spezza some nights off and to maintain the most cap flexibility. He hasn't looked great but he's winning key faceoffs, which is important. And there's no way this team does him dirty after he was one of only a few guys who gave a shit against Columbus last season.
  6. I have no issues with him on the team....but in the right role from the beginning. The Matthews line will be going up against the best....Joe is too slow to sustain that pace all season. And why mess with the chemistry, knowing he will not be on the first line for much longer.
  7. It’s still crazy we even had to retain salary on Kessel and not on Phaneuf lol
  8. How much longer are we paying the 1.25M to Kessel?
  9. Actually, Jumbo had a really good game last night. Can he keep it up? Who knows? But there's no hurry to move him down as long as he's playing well.
  10. Of course. This is purely a paper move because of the salary cap. If it wasn’t for Dubas’ cap management (looking at you, Mitch) and that 1.25M they’re still paying Kessel, this wouldn’t be a discussion.
  11. You’d think Dell is 99% gone to Edmonton, but we’ll see. Stranger things have happened!
  12. Spezza went 10/10 on faceoffs last night. That has to worth something right?
  13. I doubt Spezza gets picked up, it’s Toronto or nothing for him at this stage in his career. I don’t mind the move, just caught me a little off guard with it. I would like to see Boyd slotted on that 4C playing with Simmonds.
  14. Spezza would be on the taxi squad once he clears waivers.. and what better players? He’s the 4th line centre ffs.
  15. It looks like they are doing this to create some cap space after the knee injury to Robertson.
  16. So we keep Spezza, and have better players sitting?
  17. Hope that means nobody does. It'd be a dick move.
  18. Did he just quote himself? and gave himself shit or am i reading something else LOL!
  19. We already have 2 backups as starters....now you want to get rid of one backup, and have a minor leaguer backing Campbell up....a recipe for disaster!
  20. Should have been Anderson. Not sure WTF is going on with Spezza but maybe he doesn't want to platoon. If that's the case, nobody is claiming him.
  21. 38 year old and a 41....a 41 year old on the first line? Lets get serious
  22. 40 is a big difference from 35. 1 on the 3rd 4th line OK....2?
  23. Between Spezza and Thornton, do you just dislike anyone over 35 or what? Spezza has stated previously he’d retire if he didn’t return to the Leafs. If that wiggle room means Bogosian can sit for a few games, I’m all for it.
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