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    • but only at surface level.   what he really was pushing for was the babcock show.  the "i don't care that you're far and away my best player, and that if you don't show up big the team isn't going anywhere regardless of who i have surrounding you, you're gonna play 16 minutes.  and when we're down and i need you more than ever, i'll still keep you on the bench just to show you who's boss.  just like i showed modano who's boss, in a meaningless game, that meant literally nothing, so that I could rob him of 1500 games."   the "we're down 4-1 in the final elimination game of the playoffs, and actually, I think my fourth line should get increased minutes because i'm mike babcock."  also known as the "i know spezza's homecoming is important to him, and i know he took a discount to return home, but i'm gonna scratch him and tell the media it's because he hasn't been working on his pking, even though i never even tried him as a pker during pre-season."  that's what babcock was pushing for.     
    • isn't that what Babcock was pushing for?
    • This is true, but look at the numbers league wide. Fighting overall is way down. It's also hard on defensive players. You need players with strong positioning and active sticks because it seems everything is called (or nothing is called, equally as frustrating).  It's all just different. I miss those days. Well, this is the type of guy you want on the team so I can see why they opted to work it out with him instead of "well someone in FA would be cheaper". You know what he brings when healthy, he's familiar with the team, he's shown he gels - with a FA you just don't know.  Class move, Soup. Nice to see.
    • Just read Mikheyevs agent and the Leafs agent had agreed to a deal for more and then the Leafs called and offered less and he took it to help the team stay under the cap.   https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/behind-ilya-mikheyevs-last-minute-rfa-contract-maple-leafs/
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